#censored - A project by Carmen Lafran and Olek Brodowicz.

“Bodies aren't some kind of fullness or filled space (...): they are open space (...) Bodies are places of existence. The body makes room for existence.” Jean-Luc Nancy
Our investigation moves from the question: How to exist when there is no place for the body not to be objectified, hidden, subjugated, manipulated, mutilated, cleaned, neglected, denied, censored? How to find the door to that open space beyond the attempt of concelment executed by the current structures of power?
Censorship and any forms of oppression are only possible on a level where the body is objectified. Where the use of the body in art is a mere use in the guise of object, art fails its primary goal: the attempt to be the body, to open the realm of the unpredictable and unstructured life, a decentralised entity, a non-hierarchical organism, which doesn't serve the structures of power.

Photo Olek Photography © All rights reserved