I was born under a black sun
breastfed by thunderstorm

Middays flashed on a blind canvas

A scream of joy chasing a birds swarm

I found eyes for myself on the ground

In the river I caught my tongue

In my name laid 

a garden and a song

I didn't grow up, I expanded 

An infesting plant, a plague

A figure behind the courtains

was my friend and confidant

I dragged words

in the mouth of a teehless

with a dress train of ashes

shifting stars and boredom

I will leave like low tide 

roaring the loss

at the ear of a wet shell 

moved by its own ghost

Thinking for so long it was me - the mist 
The day revealed

the channel I was

                       for something else

                                        dreamig or being dreamt

So, as the green showed its curious glimpse
the suspended opalescence fell down 
As a flower
Opening itself
   Beyond all the petals

                    And more
                                   And still a bit more.

It's the Clown behind Pierrot

 hiding his colors
And not viceversa.

What a silet explosion, 
to heal.