C A R M E N  L A F R A N

I'm a Berlin based performer, painter and writer from Italy. I started to focus my research on possibilities and limits of both body and language expressions while completing my master's degree in theoretical philosophy. 
In my projects I bring together butoh dance, elements of nihon buyo, painting, art installations and post-structuralism philosophy investigating the assembled and manipulable nature of identity and the artificiality of the human being. 
I see performance art as the field where the body can be a medium to explore the idea of accidentally leaving traces through movements, marks that replace the ephemeral idea of a subject. In my last solo performances I investigate concepts like liminality, the delicate state of being between two positions, in transition, reflecting about possible ways to subvert the constraining logic of identity and to be able to live with contradictions, declining to limit, define, categorize.
My movement research is strongly influenced by butoh dance and moved by the desire of a more genuine approach to the body against given structures: by exploring the way to empty the body from any signification and by opening a space of new possibilities, in which the main focus is not the esthetic of the movement but the process of becoming and the transformative power of being in a fluid state of both mind and body. 
It is about re-writing the body as a new text with a new language, not in order to show it as a new centre but to let it be the space where everything can happen, as Derrida said: 
“The text is not a centre. The text is an openness without borders”. 

[email protected]
fb: https://www.facebook.com/lafrancarmen
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carmen_lafran/


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