Durational performance curated by Bambule.Babys, in collaboration with Anna Valeska Pohl and Michael Popperl, a Freie Geister 2019 - The Funeral @ Alte Filmbühne, Regensburg, Germany
28th dec 2019

A La Pocha Nostra inspired holy trash performance ritual.  We celebrate Art as a souce of resistance against any form of censorship, hierarchy and oppression.

Photo Credit: Olek Photography

 two days durational performance 
in collaboration with Gamze Ozturk
24th and 25th August, Mod Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Hidden Body – Feared Body is a performance about the rediscovery of the body perceived and experienced as feminine and an attempt to relieve it from the content which centuries of objectivation and concealment forced it to acquire. It's an exploration of the fluid and unstable ground, unspeakable condition, which underlies the identity, and an investigation about the nature of the Self and its construction in relationship with the other, by mirroring affinities and differences, trying approaches and escapes, caresses and provocations. It's also an attempt to free the body not only from every significance imposed by the established power and constraining logic but also from the ones we have interiorized and accepted as images of ourselves. 

It's a ritual dance that evokes the delicate state of transition, the painful construction of identity which implies to question limits and hierarchy, percieving the other as the dangerous space where consciousness flows indeterminate. So close but so far, two women explore their body, establish connections, cut bondauries, play with doll-like organs made of threads and hair, imbue objects with a magical power whichbecome parts of their flesh and skin, seeds of blood and fluids, accurately picked one by one, stored and smashed. 

BETWEEN PAIN AND PLEASURE - Durational performance
at Helena van Doeverenplantsoen, The Hague, 6th July 2019
 a duo with Gamze Öztürk at the end of the two weeks International Performance Art 
Program PROJECT ID - In Between Identities 
organised by P.s. and tutored by VestAndPage and Marilyn Arsem